About Us

Twinner Hungária Kft. was founded in 2006 as a 100% Hungarian owned enterprise.

Our goal is to distribute high quality confectionery brand products in Hungary.

Our company is currently represented by several brands, among which Twinner is the “founding brand”, our own chewing gum. The range has expanded with other brands over the years, for example with Ricola and Dextro Energy.

The Swiss Ricola, which is well-known all over the world and is a market leader herb containing candy, was introduced in Hungary in 2010. Since then, the Ricola brand has become well-known and popular in our country as well.

In 2014 we started the distribution of Dextro Energy, which is the market leading glucose candy brand in Germany, Austria and many other European countries. Dextro Energy is a traditional German product; it is enhancing quality to an unknown level in Hungary.

As a result of our partnership with Ludwig Schokolade, our portfolio has flared with premium desserts, bonbons and the popular Schogetten chocolate.

Our products are available at any major networks and independent stores of the country, and due to their impulsive nature our customers can usually find them at the cash register area.

The founders and leaders of the company have previously played leading roles at market-leading multinational companies. The organization of the company is simple, transparent and flexible. The majority of our employees work in sales, and visit hundreds of shops every day, where they sell our products directly, or arrange the appropriate appearance in stores.

Our strategies focus on quality: we provide quality products and quality service to our customers and partners. We continuously support all the brands: customers often meet them in TV commercials, on flyers and posters and at the promotions of our partners.

We offer high-quality cooperation to our clients too, since we realize the introduction of new brands very quickly and efficiently through our excellent trade relations and skills. We also pay high attention to the maintenance of our existing brands.

We provide representation for our clients in Hungary, and their brands are treated carefully, as they would do it themselves. We always develop and launch strategy together with our clients, and the implementation is also done in close co-operation. That way our partners can minimize the risk which is always there when entering a new market.

We work with advertising and creative agencies and market research companies to ensure success.

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