Twinner is the Hungarian chewing gum brand. It has been available in a wide range of flavours such as mint and fruit, and a variety of packaging since 2006, the time of the brand’s “birth’’. All Twinner chewing gums have one thing in common: they do not contain sugar.

Twinner –  Feel the taste!

Twinner gums are available in traditional and special flavours.

Wild cherry, Mint or Fruity Junior? These all can be found in our selection, packed in traditional 10-piece bags.  Filled or unfilled? Of course you can have both!

Our special Twinner Junior products are adapted to the taste of children. Their fillings and the gum coating evoke the taste of different fruits. You can meet the special taste experience of the combination of melon and blackberry. It is inimitable!



The combination of Swiss quality and knowledge of herbs in one name: these are the delicious herbal specialties of Ricola. These candies made with herbs grown naturally in the mountainous areas of Switzerland have delicious taste.

Ricola – Chrüterchraft is the secret –  for more than 75 years!

Ricola is the most modern and most innovative herbal confectionery manufacturer of the world. Ricola exports more than 40 different herbal candies and types of tea to more than 50 countries.

The family-owned company is based in Switzerland, Laufen which is near Basel. It has subsidiaries in Italy, the UK, Asia and the United States. The company was founded by Emil Richterich in 1930 and it is still family-owned. The third generation family member Felix Richterich, who is the Chairman of the board, manages the company today. This is why Ricola appreciates high quality raw materials, which are grown naturally in the mountain areas of Switzerland. Ricola is committed to economically, ecologically and socially sustainable corporate governance. Ricola has more than 400 employees, is serious about corporate responsibility. Traditional values ​​of the family business coupled with Swiss quality and their passion for innovation is the secret of success of the internationally recognized Ricola brand. The name Ricola is the acronym derived from the original name of the company:  Richterich & Co., Laufen

Dextro Energy

Dextro Energy glucose candy was first marketed in 1935 in Germany. The excellent taste, practical packaging and great consistency make it very popular in several countries around the world.

Dextro Energy –  simply faster to the head!

Dextro Energy glucose candy is manufactured in many forms and flavours. Glucose (or dextrose) is a monosaccharide that enters blood directly without decomposition, so it has an immediate stimulating effect and it supplies the body with carbohydrates.

The patented packaging Dextro cube is incredibly practical, it contains individually packed pieces. It is an excellent resource for running, cycling and it even stimulates the brain activity during school exams. This product contains Vitamin C. Cranberry and Lemon flavoured versions are available.

Schulstoff  is the children’s favourite. It is funny and fizzy in your mouth and its berry or orange flavour is simply delicious. The fast-absorbing glucose helps children to stay lively and keep fit.


German chocolate, made of high quality materials, in diversified tastes. Discover the experience from cube to cube and make a selection of the over-many flavour combinations.

Schogetten – Diversified tastes, closed into chocolate cubes!

Schogetten has been a classical German chocolate brand for more than 50 years. Its specialty is the unique, practical packaging that allows its consumers to discover the special flavours from cube to cube. Compared to other chocolates, Schogetten’s fusion point is higher that makes it a good selection even in summer.

Chocolate cubes of the 100 grams wrecking are constantly available in 11 special tastes: alpine milk, alpine milk-nut, dark chocolate, cappuccino, yoghurt-strawberry, cream filling for Kids, caramel brownie, stracciatella, trilogia, almond brittle, black&white. Seasonally, the ones who have a sweet-tooth, can try other, limited flavours.


Delicious fruity chewy candy with Vitamin C, for youngsters and adults as well. Find your favourite one from among the strawberry, raspberry, cherry, orange, forest fruit and lemon taste!

Fritt – Bite into the fruity flavours!

The traditional German sweet brand has a past of more than 50 years. With its fruity freshness and 6 tastes, there is no better choice for youngsters or even adults! The practical packaging makes it easily transportable and consumable. Besides Vitamin C, the chewy candy contains only natural flavours and dyes – hydrogenated fats are not used for its production.

Taste all the 6 flavours: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, orange, forest fruit, lemon!


High quality German mixed desserts in attractive package. Perfect choice for festive events, special moments. Surprise your loved ones with the unique and delicious chocolate bonbons.

Mauxion – Dessert for special moments!

Mauxion is a traditional German chocolate brand. Its wide range of desserts makes the brand a determining competitor on the market. Attractive packaging implies chocolate bonbons made of premium quality that appear on the shelves of stores as exclusive products, with their special flavours.

200, 400 and 600 gram wrecking make the bonbons available in 13 different flavours. Explore their world and be part of this savory journey!



Our premium quality dessert selection has grown: it gives us great pleasure to warmly welcome the exclusive Regent bonbon! For more details, please keep reading.

Regent – the dessert that raises you to regal height

Thanks to its 400 gram, irregular packaging and the sophisticated, attractive wrapping, Regent is the perfect gift for any occasion. Although all the pieces are covered in milk chocolate, their exclusive figures imply ten very different flavours. It gives everyone the chance to find new favourite sweets – whether they prefer fruity tastes, peanuts or chocolate cream.

Are you planning to surprise your loved ones? Would you like to reward yourself? In any case, Regent is the finest choice. Give it a try, you definitely won’t regret it!

Edle Tropfen

Premium desserts filled with high quality alcohols with crispy hazelnut splinters, covered by delicate dark, light and white chocolate. Make the moments unique with Edle Tropfen’s exclusive bonbon selection.

Edle Tropfen – More than chocolate!

The German Edle Tropfen premium dessert selection guarantees unique flavours. There are 8 types of high quality alcohol-filled bonbons available, with crispy hazelnut splinters and chocolate coverage. Its octagonal exclusive package conduces to being the perfect choice for special occasions.

Surprise your loved ones with unique flavours, choose from plum brandy, cherry-brandy, pear brandy, raspberry brandy, grappa, cognac, Scottish whisky and calvados.

Choco Fun

High quality German chocolate bars in colourful, happy packages!

Choco Fun – A bar of sinning!

Beside the bigger tablets and boxes of desserts, recently we started to distribute smaller wrecking as well: Choco Fun is here in 3 flavours for the ones having a sweet tooth! Coconut, smooth caramel or peanut&caramel filling? All types are available in our assortment. Different fillings and milk chocolate coverage make the bars crispy and creamy at once.

You can find the bars in 6- and 7-packs.

Taste the flavours now, give them a try and pick your favourite one!